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Conflict analysis 2017

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  • Background The conflict series is an open, self-paced course meant to provide an introduction to conflict studies and more advanced courses in conflictology. Event objectives The second of a series of three, this course delves into conflict analysis. The goal of this chapter is to give the learner a basic understanding of the importance of conflict analysis, and a set of tools and methods to start conducting their own. Learning objectives At the end of the course, participants will be able to: - Illustrate the importance of Conflict analysis; - Describe the levels, spheres, causes of conflict and categories of actors involved in Conflict analysis. Content and structure The course is composed of three sections: Section 1: The importance of conflict analysis Section 2: Levels and spheres of conflict analysis Section 3: Three steps of conflict analysis The average work time is estimated at 2.5 hours. Methodology The course is a self-guided, self-paced, web-based course that is on-going and can be accessed at any time. The material is presented in an interactive visual and text format with web-based reference resources. Multiple choice quizzes at the end of each lesson serve a dual function of assessing and evaluating the students’ understanding and retention and provide a further didactic function by reviewing the content.
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